23rd European Hot Air Balloon Cup

From August 1 to 4, 2024

▪ It’s a popular show The flight of balloons, on summer evenings, when the light declines, is a majestic spectacle The European Hot Air Balloon Cup was created in 1993 by volunteers from the Foyer Rural de Mainfonds Aubeville, a fierce desire to wanting to show that the rural world could host major events.

▪ It’s also a fierce competition The competition brings together the elite of ballooning. It is physical, forget the fullness of flight leisure: the climbs are express. From objectives: fly over the points on the ground at a given altitude, locate a target in a field and drop a canvas marker weighted with sand

The Ciel d’afrique balloon will be in competition, piloted by Alex Béjat

The competition balloon in production in the workshop of the French manufacturer Ballon Chaize